Welcome To Jagannath Catering Bhubaneswar

Jagannath Catering At Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Set-Up and Go Buffet:

We deliver your order and set it up on a buffet table (linen provided by caterer). Food is presented on attractive and appropriate serving platters with serving pieces included. Chafing dishes are provided to keep hot food hot. Caterer will return at agreed upon time to pick up the platters and such. 10% Service Charge*

Full Service Buffet:

We serve entrees to the guests as they move through the double-sided buffet line. Our Party Chef prepares and cooks at your event site. We set up the buffet tables with linen and décor and present the food in an artistic manner. Our staff replenishes, maintains and then clears the buffet tables. 19% Service Charge*

Family Style: 

Get to know each other while passing the family platters around.  Our Party Chef prepares and cooks at your event site. Staff serves menu items on platters at each guest table. 19% Service Charge*

Guests pre-order their entrée prior to the event date and are served in courses at their seat. Our Party Chefs prepare and cook at your event site and our staff work in pairs to serve and manage each table quickly and efficiently. 19% Service Charge*

*Service Charge

The Service Charge is a percentage based on food and service options (rentals and beverages are excluded). The Service Charge covers all our expenses incurred in the course of providing food and services to you and your guests. This includes disposable place settings, serving trays/jacks, buffet tables/linen, cold/hot boxes, grills, propane, chafers/fuel, coolers, wine tubs, garbage cans, etc.