About Jagannath Catering, At Bhubaneswar

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Good Karma

We’ve lent a helping hand to more than 40 community organizations, from school and family service charities to civic development projects and youth sport groups. We are committed to doing our part by donating to shelters, non-profits, fundraisers, and other organizations such as Saving Grace, TEDx Bend, and Bethlehem Inn. We contribute 30,000 annually by way of gift certificates to numerous auctions, donations of food and services for many a fundraiser, and meals to homeless shelters.


All of our dishes are prepared from scratch, using real ingredients. Our produce is Northwest grown whenever possible, always seasonal, and provided locally by the guys at High Desert Produce. We procure our meats from a variety of suppliers including Carlton
Farms, Draper Valley Chicken, and Oregon Valley Beef, all of whom are committed to 100% natural, vegetarian diet, humanly raised, stress free environment on Northwest farms practices! Our chicken, beef, and pork are hormone, antibiotic, and preservative free and
contain no artificial flavors, colors, or chemicals. The seafood we use in our food is always wild from the Northwest and approved by Seafood Watch.

Super Eco-Friendly

At Jagannath Catering we try hard to minimize our environmental impact. We compost all of our kitchen waste and recycle all plastic, cans, paper, cardboard, and glass. In addition, we use earth-conscious place settings made from corn and 100% renewable sugarcane fibers. The place settings look like regular plastic and paper but are biodegradable and compostable. We also use real (not disposable) platters at all events. We will continue to look for innovative products and processes that are environmentally friendly.

Supporter of Marriage Equality

Jagannath Catering is a proud supporter of marriage equality and happily caters weddings for all couples. Over the past couple of years we have had the fantastic experience of helping celebrate the legalization of marriage.